Code of Conduct

We support open and fair competition

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Agents & representatives

We only use agents or representatives if we have to and they act to standards consistent with our Code

What do we mean?

Agents and third party representatives provide help, advice and local knowledge that can be essential to business activities. At all times, they must operate in accordance with our standards, particularly in the areas of bribery or corruption.

If you are using the services of an agent or third party representative, it is your responsibility to make sure they are aware of, and operating in accordance to, our Code of Conduct. Ignorance of what others are doing on our behalf or in our name is no excuse.

We always

  • Obtain appropriate approval before appointing an agent or third party and follow the process set out in the Balfour Beatty Commission Agreements policy or other business policies relating to agents or third parties

  • Follow the third party assurance process

  • Complete due diligence on experience, background and reputation

  • Ensure we understand what third parties will do on our behalf

  • Make sure that all money can be properly accounted for

We never

  • Permit anyone to offer bribes or make facilitations payments on our behalf

  • Permit anyone to do anything that we would not be permitted to do ourselves

  • Enter into an agreement that does not have commercial rationale

  • Pay any money to an agent or third party without a written binding agreement being in place and knowing exact details of what the payment is for