Code of Conduct

We support open and fair competition

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Boycotts, sanctions & legal requirements

We comply with all recognised boycotts and sanctions, and all legal requirements for the proper import and export of goods and technology

What do we mean?

We want to trade lawfully and properly at all times. So we comply with all trade regulations and restrictions imposed by recognised national and international authorities.

These include the United Nations, EU, US and the UK. This requires particular diligence. Breaking a country’s laws on these issues, even inadvertently, could mean we are unable to work in that country again. However, in some areas of the world there are attempts to impose illegal or unofficial restrictions. We do not comply with them and we refuse to engage in restrictive trade practices that are prohibited.

Boycotts and Sanctions

These are both forms of trade restriction. A boycott means a country refuses to do business with another (or others) and prohibits others from doing so. Sanctions (which include embargoes) seek either to limit or prevent trade with or inside specific countries or with specific individuals.

If you are in doubt, consult your Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity team for further guidance.

US laws

  • US laws, federal and state, impose further restrictions that are not necessarily approved by recognised international authorities
  • These restrictions seek to prohibit people and organisations from working in certain countries specified by the US federal or state governments, or with certain blacklisted organisations that have dealings with terrorist organisations or drug traffickers
  • US members of the Group, and US citizens employed by any member of the Group, must comply with these laws
  • Sanctions for breaching them can include barring Balfour Beatty companies from engaging in US trade or public sector work, very heavy fines and imprisonment of individuals

Import and export

  • As well as complying with all relevant local laws, we must obtain all necessary licences to import and export goods and other items and provide accurate information to customs authorities
  • We must use all reasonable efforts to ensure that our goods’ ultimate destination and purpose are as we intend