Code of Conduct

We support open and fair competition

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Conflicts of interest

We avoid or manage situations where our actions could conflict with the interests of the company

What do we mean?

Conflicts of interest arise when we find ourselves in a position where two or more interests compete, potentially compromising our judgement or independence. Usually the conflict is about individuals benefiting at the expense of the company or another employer. Very often, perceptions of a conflict of interest can be just as damaging as an actual conflict of interest.

We take great care not to involve ourselves in anything that can give rise to a conflict between our interests and those of the company.

Given the size and nature of our organisation, we recognise that conflicts of interest are sometimes unavoidable. As soon as we realise there’s a potential conflict, we must disclose it and seek approval or guidance.

If you are in doubt, consult your Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity team for further guidance. For those with access to 360, click here for the relevant policies.

Employment outside Balfour Beatty

In general, staff may not be employed outside Balfour Beatty. However, you may serve as an officer or a member of the board of directors of another business if permitted to do so under your local Conflicts of Interest policy.  Please check this policy for any approval or registration requirements before accepting any such appointment.  If you are in any doubt, ask your Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity team for further guidance.

We always

  • Take great care with contracts between Balfour Beatty and a family member, friend or company/business they own and notify our manager or supervisor in writing and abstain from the decision-making process

  • Take great care with any personal investments or business interests, or those of family members or associates, which could affect or appear to affect our decision-making responsibilities, or conflict with the interests of the company or its customers or suppliers. (Holdings of less than 1% in a publicly quoted company are excluded.)

We never

  • Use our position, contacts or any knowledge gained at Balfour Beatty for personal gain or to benefit family or friends

  • Pay a third party more than a contractually agreed, market-based fee for goods or services

  • Accept gifts or hospitality that could impair our judgement or independence, or be open to misinterpretation

  • Do anything that might create the impression that customers or suppliers have a contact in Balfour Beatty who can exert influence on their behalf