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Gifts & hospitality

We make sure gifts and hospitality are reasonable and don’t improperly influence a decision

What do we mean?

To foster goodwill or working relationships employees may occasionally receive or offer gifts or hospitality. Hospitality includes invitations to social functions, sporting events, meals and entertainment. Gifts can vary in type and are generally low value or customary tokens of appreciation.

Any gifts or hospitality we receive or give should always be customary and reasonable in terms of value, frequency or timing. Information on limits and guidance may be available within your business unit and you should use your judgement to assess if the gift or hospitality offered or being offered is appropriate.

If you are struggling to justify a gift or hospitality it’s probably not okay. Contact your Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity team for further guidance. For those with access to 360, click here for the relevant policies

We always

  • Ensure any gifts or hospitality offered, received or declined is recorded on our register

  • Comply with financial limits and approval requirements as set out in our Gifts & Hospitality policy

  • Check with your Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity team before offering gifts or hospitality to public officials

  • Check with customers before offering any kind of gift or invitation as they may have rules requiring them to report or refuse such things

We never

  • Offer or accept gifts or hospitality if we think it will impair objective judgement, inappropriately influence a decision or create a sense of obligation

  • Solicit gifts or hospitality

  • Offer or accept gifts of cash or cash equivalent e.g. vouchers