Complete & accurate records

We ensure all financial and other reports and records are complete and accurate

What do we mean?

Our books, records and financial reporting should accurately reflect the underlying transactions and represent the true state of the business, based on applicable accounting standards and our company accounting policies. They are an essential part of doing business correctly, honestly and openly and protect us, our customers and those we work with.

Many serious offences involve falsifying or tampering with the books or failing to account for an activity properly. Some serious offences start out as attempts to cover up relatively minor offences.

Project reporting is part of our accounting records. The appropriate accounting for a project may be more conservative than our commercially expected outcome.  It is important that our record keeping recognises this distinction.

If your role involves the preparation and maintenance of accounting records of any kind, you must adhere to the guidelines set out in the Group Finance Manual or other applicable business guidelines.

The appropriate recording of a transaction or project is not always obvious. It is important to agree the proper recording of any transaction based on the facts of the situation and agree this with the relevant Finance team.

We always

  • Maintain and present financial records in accordance with the laws of each country we operate in

  • Comply with internal financial controls and only process transactions in accordance with our delegated authority or once specific approval has been received

  • Record transactions accurately in the proper accounting period supported by appropriately detailed evidence

  • Comply with any applicable document retention and disposal policies

We never

  • Record things in the wrong place or way, even if the customer wants us to

  • Fail to record any transaction or expenditure or record it in an ambiguous or misleading way

  • Destroy or alter any information or data that must be kept for litigation, an investigation or other legal reasons

Report it

Think something may be wrong? Don’t wait – report it.

If you think something is wrong or there is an irregularity in any company books, reports or invoices, or a weakness in any of our accounting systems, always report it at once.

Even if it’s unintentional, to keep or submit financial records, reports or invoices that are inaccurate, incomplete or misleading is against the law in many countries in which we operate. We do not permit it.