False claims

We will not claim for something we are not entitled to

What do we mean?

We risk making false claims if we:

  • Claim for something we don’t honestly believe we are entitled to
  • Knowingly or recklessly misrepresent or inaccurately record time spent or materials or services provided
  • Conceal defects or fabricate evidence even if the client requests or supports what we are doing and even where we believe it is for the benefit of our business

We must take particular care when calculating and claiming or applying for:

  • Payment
  • Extension of time
  • Insurance claims
  • Losses and expenses
  • Variations
  • Interim and final estimates, valuations and measurements

We must make sure our assessments are as reasonable and accurate as possible, backed-up and substantiated.


Checklist for claims

  • Have I done all I should?
  • Am I happy I’ve been honest, open and transparent?
  • Can I back up my claim with documentary evidence?