Tax evasion

We do not facilitate tax evasion

What we mean?

Tax evasion is an illegal practice whereby measures are undertaken to fraudulently make a non-payment or underpayment of tax.  Allegations can seriously damage our reputation and a conviction could result in sanctions including confiscation of revenue and the imposition of fines.

This does not cover tax avoidance or tax planning which do not constitute tax evasion.  See our tax policy for further information.

In the UK, it is a criminal offence if Balfour Beatty fails to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion by an associated person.

Associated person – someone acting on behalf of Balfour Beatty during the course of their work. This is not restricted to the employees of Balfour Beatty but can also apply to agents and subcontractors.

We always

  • Act honestly and openly

  • Seek to avoid even the appearance of wrong doing

  • Fully disclose all of our tax liabilities

  • Manage our tax affairs in accordance with our tax policy

We never

  • Engage in tax evasion

  • Assist anyone else to engage in tax evasion

Report it

If you think that an associated person of Balfour Beatty is criminally facilitating tax evasion, always report it at once.