Code of Conduct

We do not misuse property or information

this section

Computer systems

Company computer systems are for use at work. The company permits reasonable and appropriate personal use for non-work related purposes

What do we mean?

Our company computer systems and the information they contain are valuable assets.

They must not be used for any improper purpose or in any way that might affect their operation or integrity.

Company computer systems

This includes information and communication technology, systems and equipment that are owned or used by Balfour Beatty. They include:

  • Desktop, laptop and handheld computers/devices, such as smart phones or tablets
  • Servers and networks (including connections to public or external networks such as the internet)
  • Storage devices such as memory sticks, memory cards, removable hard drives and CDs
  • Telephones (including mobile phones) and computerised office equipment (such as fax machines, printers and scanners)
  • Information stored in and transmitted by these technologies, such as emails, voice mails, instant messages, electronic files, database entries and internet postings

We should all assume that any company information stored or communicated on company computer systems is company property. We should all be aware that, subject to local law, the company reserves the right to monitor our emails and internet usage, whether work-related or personal.

Personal use is a privilege not a right and must not be abused.

We always

  • Follow all information security and acceptable use policies when using company computer systems for work-related or personal use or when accessing or storing company information on personal computer systems

  • Take proper precautions to protect company computer systems and company information against loss, damage or theft

We never

  • Use company computer systems to access, obtain, create or distribute any material that’s illegal or offensive or that’s been obtained illegally. This includes obscene, pornographic, sexist, racist, defamatory and abusive material or material that is in breach of copyright.

  • Have any expectation of privacy when using company computer systems for personal or non-work related activities, unless local laws state otherwise