Code of Conduct

We do not misuse property or information

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Confidential information

We keep confidential information safe and make sure it never gets into the wrong hands

What do we mean?

Any improper disclosure or misuse of confidential information about Balfour Beatty can have a huge impact on the company. We must keep it safe, only share it internally on a ‘need to know’ basis, and only disclose it to a third party on a confidential basis and with appropriate authorisation to do so.

Confidential information

This refers to any and all confidential and/or proprietary information or material belonging to, or in the possession of, any member of the Balfour Beatty Group. It may be oral, visual, in writing, or in any other form. It includes any information related to Balfour Beatty’s:

  • Financial information, business plans, projections or strategies, property, business practices and relationships, processes, systems, or methods of operation
  • Specifications, pricing policies, marketing plans, costs or promotional activities
  • Customer, supplier or employee information or agreements
  • Technical information
  • Inventions, innovations, improvements, know-how, trade secrets or other proprietary information

Confidential information belonging to joint ventures, customers or other third parties must be respected and protected in the same way.

We always

  • Ensure we protect confidential information

  • Report any information we obtain that we think may be commercially sensitive

  • Ask our Legal, Compliance or Business Integrity contact if there is any doubt about the use or disclosure of information

  • Report confidential information received in error and return it to its rightful owner

  • Make sure customers, partners, suppliers and other third parties protect confidential information

We never

  • Leave sensitive information lying around or unsecured, or otherwise fail to take care of it

  • Divulge confidential information of or about a previous employer unless permitted to do so

  • Use unsecured technologies and methods when exchanging confidential information

  • Discuss confidential information in a way that it can be overheard in public