Code of Conduct

We do not misuse property or information

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We disclose or communicate information about the company in a timely and accurate way, and we seek to inform and not mislead

What do we mean?

How we talk about ourselves plays a huge part in how much we are trusted. We always communicate with integrity. Whether favourable or unfavourable to Balfour Beatty, the information we disclose is always timely, accurate, complete, truthful and reliable. We never seek to mislead.

Sometimes it’s possible to find yourself acting as a spokesperson when you didn’t really mean to. You should never communicate on behalf of Balfour Beatty if you aren’t authorised to do so. And remember that internal communications are one press of a button away from being external communications.

Company communications

These are any internal or external messages from us or anyone we authorise to speak about us or our business. They include press releases, communications with news media or journalists, promotional materials and advertisements, public speaking opportunities or industry roundtables and other public statements.


These are statements submitted or published by us to shareholders, regulators, securities exchanges, the media and other third parties.

We always

  • Ensure all company communications and disclosures have received appropriate internal approval, no matter what the medium. If in doubt, consult your Corporate Communications and Investor Relations team

  • Take particular care about what we say at meetings or public events

  • Watch out for situations in which we may be considered to be speaking on behalf of the company

  • Comply with applicable company guidelines and policies when using social media

We never

  • Respond to the media, regulators, government agencies or other external enquiries without express permission from the Corporate Communications and Investor Relations team

  • Express personal views in a way that might lead them to be interpreted as the company’s views

  • Record things about people that we wouldn’t want to say to their face

  • Lose sight of the fact that we may one day have to explain to a court or read in the media what we write in emails, text messages or other company communications or documents

  • Say or write things that may embarrass Balfour Beatty’s clients or partners in any way or damage Balfour Beatty’s relationship with them