Code of Conduct

We do not misuse property or information

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Inside information

Inside information must not be used for insider trading, for our own or anyone else’s benefit

What do we mean?

Balfour Beatty plc, the parent company of the Balfour Beatty Group, is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is a serious criminal offence to buy or sell Balfour Beatty stocks, shares or other securities, or those of any other company, on the basis of inside information. This is insider trading.

It makes no difference whether you do it yourself or get someone else to do so, or whether it’s for your own or anyone else’s benefit. And it applies even after you’ve stopped working for Balfour Beatty.

Employees with access to potential inside information about Balfour Beatty are placed upon a list of ‘insiders’ and may not deal in Balfour Beatty securities, except in accordance with the Balfour Beatty Group Share Dealing Code.

We always

  • Ask our legal, compliance or business integrity contact, if we have any doubts about use or disclosure of potentially price sensitive information

We never

  • Act on or disclose sensitive information without first getting approval to do so

  • Deal in stocks or shares of Balfour Beatty plc or any other company, or encourage others to do so, if we know something which is price-sensitive