We respect the community around us and commit to contributing to its improvement

What do we mean?

Balfour Beatty contributes positively to communities wherever we work through the services we provide and the lasting infrastructure we leave for the public, such as schools, hospitals, other social infrastructure and transport systems. Furthermore, we run community investment programmes that support local people, businesses and environmental projects.

We are never complacent about the way we work in a local area, or the impact our operations can have on local people and their environment. We listen, we care about people’s concerns and we act on them wherever and whenever we can. We will proportionately address community needs as part of our project work and positively impact, through our community benefit programmes, the social, economic, or environmental circumstances of the communities we work in.

We believe that our strategy to be a more sustainable business and profitable markets, healthy communities and environmental limits are not competing interests and that when aligned they can create shared value. In order to be a successful and profitable company, we need to realise that.

Our commitments

  • We will respect the traditions, cultures and laws of the countries in which we operate
  • We will take into account the concerns of the wider community, including both national and local interests
  • We will listen to the concerns of local communities and, wherever we can, we will act to mitigate them
  • We will keep the communities affected by our projects regularly updated and informed
  • We will seek to employ local people and local resources on our projects wherever possible
  • We will work with communities to understand how we can help them to improve their wellbeing
  • We will collaborate with the project stakeholders, customers and impacted communities to help improve and optimise our social impact
  • We will keep records of the resources and time spent delivering community benefit and social value activities, clearly showing who worked alongside us and who we provided benefits to