Developing our people

We are committed to helping people achieve their best

What do we mean?

Developing our people is the best way to develop our organisation.

All of our decisions about recruitment, hiring, compensation, development and promotion must be made solely on the basis of ability, skills, experience, behaviour, performance and potential to do the job.

Through employing the best people and creating an environment in which they can develop we will achieve our business goals.

Our commitments

  • To employ people who will uphold our values and our standards of ethical conduct
  • To create a working environment in which all our people feel valued
  • To encourage or support all of our people to achieve their best
  • To identify and satisfy training and development needs so our people can perform and develop their potential
  • To have a fair system of recognition, reward and promotion
  • To not deny promotion or opportunity on the basis of any form of discrimination
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all our people