The environment

We care about the natural world and recognise our responsibility to work within environmental limits

What do we mean?

For an infrastructure business like ours, maximising the use of infrastructure assets for our clients whilst minimising use of resources is essential if we are to minimise our impact on the environment, contribute to society and offer best value. Key to this is that the infrastructure we design and construct is resilient and that we use the earth’s resources, both its materials and people, carefully and responsibly, using what we need, but being mindful of tomorrow’s needs as well.

Our aim is for customers and investors to choose Balfour Beatty because we contribute to their long-term profitability by adopting and promoting more sustainable solutions. This is not a choice about sustainability or profit.

By looking for opportunities to add value through sustainability, we will deliver additional benefits to society and help grow the business. As a world-class infrastructure group, this is the right thing to do.

We have, therefore, set our own ambitious vision and have a strategy, the Blueprint, for establishing a more sustainable business.

Each one of us also has a role to play: through our decisions we can offer more sustainable solutions, minimising our impact on the environment.

Sustainable development

We know the world’s resources are finite. We also recognise that sustainable development – particularly of public infrastructure – is vital to maintain and improve the standard of living in the countries in which we operate. It is our responsibility to do all we reasonably can to reconcile these two statements.

Our commitments

  • Continually improve our environmental performance and results and review it on a regular basis
  • Aspire to provide infrastructure that enhances ecology and ecosystem services